Nowadays, the library is one of the leading structural units of the university, providing the educational process and research work with all the necessary literature and information. It is the centre of advancement of knowledge, spiritual and intellectual intercourse and culture.

With fast development of university education, opening of new faculties and specialties the library has active work on forming the fund and its safety, perfection of service and the system of informational support based on computerization.

The fund of the library is a rich collection of scientific, educational, foreign literature. It has approximately 500 000 copies. The library gets more than 30000 copies per year. The unique collection of rare books in Medicine of the XVIII-XX centuries is the pride of the library.

The teaching staff, post-graduates, students and practical physicians are library readers (the average amount of them is 9 000 people per year including 6 000 students).

Traditionally, the library uses different forms of showing its book collection: book shows, the browsing of literature. A lot of events connected with student acculturation are held in the library (reader's conferences, literature meetings are among them).

The library is the huge information repertory with card and electronic catalogues.

The modern stage of development of the library is characterized by some changes of the main priorities of its work with some new aims. Together with keeping book collections, the function of the information centre, with good data bank, is added. The interlibrary technologies and forms of work with readers are changed.

It is hard to imagine the library work without computer technologies. Nowadays modern personal computers, printers and scanners are used. All the main library processes are automated. The local library net has been formed.

In 2004 the electronic library, a special information system for saving and using documents of different types in the electronic form, was opened. It is allowed for the readers to access bibliographic data banks and some other information products in the electronic form.

In the structure of the library there is a bookstall for the needs of students and teachers in literature. The bookstall organizes the realization of fringe collections and idle literature from the library, materials published by the departments of the university, stationary staff.