Employment Opportunities

PhD holders are increasingly sought for their high-level skills. Many opportunities exist – the diversity of careers range much further than what one might expect!

Unemployment among PhD holders is significantly lower than among first-degree holders. Holding a postgraduate degree may increase your chances of employment in a variety of fields.

Although academia is a popular destination for PhD graduates, more opportunities exist outside of education. In fact, more than a quarter of those graduating with a PhD work in the science industry.

The majority of PhD graduates who work outside of higher education are employed in an area where they can make use of their specialized knowledge and skills.

The most obvious skills gained during doctoral studies include writing, research, critical analyses, and time management. Additional skills also include investigative and organizational skills, public speaking, and performing under pressure. That is why many people have found doctoral programs to serve as an effective way to write, perform, and/or publish their work.

Today, PhD holders embark upon literally hundreds of career paths. The best way to determine what career paths to pursue upon PhD completion is to consult employers or colleagues for employment details in your area of interest. For more information, visit our career centre or look at career guides, books, and websites that describe career alternatives.