ISMU Students Scientific Society

Student Scientific Community ofIrkutsk State Medical University is an association of the students of ISMU who are interested in the development of scientific work.

The aims of the Students’ Scientific Society:

  • specialist training quality improvement
  • development of students’ creative abilities
  • scientific and cultural level improvement of young people
  • formation of scientific approach to the solution of practical questions.

The objectives of the Students’ Scientific Society:

  • extension of students’ relations with other medical establishments of higher education
  • holding students’ scientific conferences and contests
  • promotion of publication preparation and practical application of students’ research results

The principals of functioning of students’ scientific circles:

  • familiarization of students with scientific activities
  • development of scientific inquiry sense, analytical abilities, ability to work with scientific literature
  • acquiring and extending skills to examine patients, to diagnose diseases.

The forms of the students’ scientific research:

  • paper,
  • experiment,
  • participation in the performance of experiments and presentations in animals,
  • clinical discussion of related patients and patients with uncommon disorders,
  • evening doctor’s rounds together with the academic staff of clinical departments,
  • reinforcement of practical skills at treatment and diagnostic units.

The Students’ Scientific Community of the Irkutsk State Medical University cooperates actively with students’ scientific societies of other medical establishments of higher education within and outside of the Russian Federation. Our students many times delivered reports in students’ scientific conferences in Russia and abroad.

The Students’ Scientific Community provides assistance in the preparation of scientific works, practical application of students’ research results, carrying out joint research within the scope of the international students’ cooperation.