General Information about Irkutsk State Medical University

Full name:  State budget institution of higher professional education “Irkutsk State Medical University” Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

Abbreviation:  ISMU, Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

Founder: The Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

Location: 1, Krasnoye Vosstanie st., Irkutsk, Irkutsk region, Russian Federation, 664003


Nowadays Irkutsk State Medical University sugests:
• Preparatory department for foreign students
• Intermediate vocational education:
   - Nursing

   - Laboratory diagnosis
• Undergraduate education:

-          General medicine

-          Medical-prophylactic faculty

-          Pediatric

-          Dentistry

-          Pharmacy

-          Medical biochemistry

-          Faculty of Higher Education of Nurses 




Ph. D.

Date of University establishment

Irkutsk State Medical University was opened on 26th of August 1919 as a medical department at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Irkutsk State University. On 20th of January 1920, medical department became a separate educational unit – the Medical Faculty of Irkutsk State University.

In 1992, Irkutsk State Medical Institute has passed the state certification to assess the quality of training, held by State Inspectorate for certification of educational institutions of the Russian Federation of State Committee for Higher Education. According to the conclusion of training-methodical association of medical education, the principle of university education is realized here. In such way, all qualities and characteristics made possible a transition Medical Institute (May 1995) to a new status – “university”.

In 1997, 2002, 2007, and 2012 Irkutsk State Medical University passed attestation and state accreditation. As a result of attestation, ISMU confirmed its status “university”.

 Irkutsk State Medical University (ISMU) nowadays

Nowadays Irkutsk State Medical University is well known educational institution that provides medical education of the highest quality.  Diploma of Irkutsk State Medical University gives the right to work as a doctor in 35 countries of the world.

Irkutsk State Medical University guides values and principles including innovation, respect, social commitment, responsibility, thoroughness, patient partnership and improving health and well-being. 

 Nowadays Irkutsk State Medical University (ISMU) is an internationally renowned institution that has the threefold mission of education, research and the improvement of health in the areas of clinical sciences, basic sciences and health sciences.