Legal Documents

Irkutsk State Medical University Data. Documents.

Irkutsk State Medical University Statute.

Supplement to the Statute

The License for Educational Activity


Financial and Operational Activities Plan

Flow of financial and material resources data and its expenditure for the financial year on www.bus

Rules and Regulations for Students

Collective Agreement. Internal Labor Rules and Regulations

Self-Examination Report


Fee-based educational services:

Pre-University Tutorial Sample to Fill

Preparatory Department for Foreign Students    SampletoFill

Secondary vocational education       Sample to fill

Higher Education Sample to fill

Internship/Medical Residency

Sample to fill


Sample to fill

 (medical residency)

Post Graduate      Sample to fill

Advanced Training        Sample to fill

Foreign Citizens Studies (higher education)        Sample to Fill

Foreign Citizens Education (secondary vocational education)         Sample to Fill

State Control Organization Regulations:

Land Control Department Audit Report (Municipal Property Management Committee Irkutsk Administration as a legal entity)

Implementation of Land Laws Audit Report in respect of the legal entity

Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervisions of Yenisei Administration Audit Report

Order of Elimination of violations of mandatory requirements in the field of protection of citizens and territory from emergency situations

Orders of Elimination of the violations, requirements and activities imposed in the field of civil defense

Order of Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing in the region of Irkutsk

Orders of Elimination of violations of safety mandatory requirement