Department of International Relations

The ISMU Department of International Relations, has managed to make itself prominent in Russia and achieve a high status beyond the country's borders. The Department of International Relations has become one of the top educational and academic brands of the Russian Republic, and this status provides an excellent opportunity to choose students from the best foreign applicants.

The high prestige of the Faculty is a result of immense creative work of its staff.

Teaching is based on a new generation of educational standards and is adequately provided with up-to-date textbooks. A considerable part of the textbooks and manuals used in the teaching process have been authored by the Faculty teachers.

One of the sources for the development of the Faculty is seen in expanding international links. Among its numerous permanent partners are universities, academies, institutes, research and educational centres of Europe, Asia and America. The Faculty representatives participate on regular basis in international projects and programmes; they go abroad for academic and methodological training and receive their colleagues from abroad.

The Faculty staff and students take an active part in social and cultural activities and sporting events at the Irkutsk State Medical University. The Faculty also initiates a number of significant events and projects.

The Faculty’s good reputation is enhanced by its graduates. Since the first graduate course most graduates from the Faculty have become experts in their fields.

The Faculty has all necessary potential for future development: highly skilled professional staff, talented and ambitious students and well-established traditions.