N Department
1 State Examination Board of the Department of General Medicine
2 State Examination Board of the Public Health Department
3 State Examination Board of the Partment of Pediatrics
4 State Examination Board  of the Dentistry Department
5 State Examination Board  of the Pharmacy Faculty (medical biochemistry)
6 State Examination Board  of the Pharmacy Department (pharmacy)
7 Obstetrics and Gynecology department ( with a course of pediatric  gynecology)
8 Human Anatomy Department
9 Anesthesiology and Intensive care Department
10 Internal medicine with a course of professional pathology and military field therapy Department
11 Occupational health and food hygiene department
12 Histology, Embryology and Cytology Department
13 Eye Diseases Department
14 Hospital Therapy Department
15 Hospital Surgery Department
16 Dermatovenerology department (with a course of medical cosmetology)
17 Department of Dermotovenerology of Advanced Training Faculty
18 Department of Childhood Illness
19 Pediatric Infectious Disease Department
20 Pediatric Surgery Department
21 Foreign Languages Department ( with courses of Latin and Russian as a foreign language)
22 Infectious Disease Department
23 Department of Municipal Hygiene and Hygiene of Children and Adolescents
24 Laboratory Diagnosis Department
25 Medical Biology Department
26 Medical and Bilogical Physics Department
27 Microbiology, Virology and Immunology Department
28 Department of Mobilization Training of Health Care and Disaster Medicine
29 Nervous Diseases Department
30 Normal Physiology Department
31 Humanities, social, economic and natural science department
32 General Hygiene Department
33 General Chemistry Department
34 General surgery Department (with a course of Urology)
35 General Professional Disciplines Department
36 Public Health and Healthcare Department
37 Cancerology and radiotherapy faculty
38 Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy Department
39 Orthopedic Dentistry Department
40 Otorhinolaryngology Department
41 Pathological Anatomy Department
42 Pathophysiology Department (with a course of clinical immunology)
43 Department of Pediatrics №1
44 Department of Pediatrics №2
45 Pediatrics Department of Advanced Training Faculty
46 Outpatient therapy and General medical practice Department
47 Propaedeutics of Internal Disease Department
48 Propaedeutic dentistry Department
49 Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Department
50 Pediatric Dentistry Department
51 Department of Dentistry of Advanced Training Faculty
52 Forensic Pathology and Law Basics Department
53 Department of Theory and Practice of Nursing
54 Therapeutic Dentistry Department
55 Internal medicine with a course of professional pathology and military field therapy Department
56 Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy
57 Faculty Therapy Department
58 Faculty Surgery Department
59 Pharmacognosy and Phitology Department
60 Pharmacology Department
61 Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry Department
62 Department of Pharmaceutical Technology
63 Physical Education Department
64 Philosophy and Social Sciences Department
65 Phthisiopumonology Department
66 Functional and Radiation Diagnosis Department
67 Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
68 Operative Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery Department
69 Endocrinology and Clinical Pharmacology Department
70 Epidemiology Deparment
71 Pediatric Surgery course (Advanced Training Faculty)
72 Course of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine
73 Neurosurgery Course
74 Psychology and Pedagogy Course