Centre of Distance Learning

System of differentiated Internet – training

The system of differentiated Internet - training GEKADEM allows to provide up-to-date level of education in schools and training centers through the use of modern telecommunications and information technologies. By means of GEKADEM system, the problem of management of educational activities, development of adaptive courses, individually controlled training and analysis of the educational process can be effectively solved.

Dean's Office:

GEKADEM system enables the management of the educational institution to implement its policy in the field of Internet - learning.

Designer of coursers:

In the system of GEKADEM, the teacher is the developer of the course forms, the structure of the course and training units, the teacher places educational material in the suitable form: text, graphics, sound, video, hypertext, games, etc.


In GEKADEM system, the student selects the most appropriate way of studying and working in individual mode in a convenient time, according to own speed of work.


The teacher, who conducts the course (tutor), is able to control the learning process of each student of the course, to evaluate individual assignments of every student, his / her work in seminars and, if necessary, to assist every student or to give a piece of advice.