Foreign Students Department

The Foreign Foreign Students Department of ISMU is a powerful research center in which a combined force of experts of different profiles to address fundamental scientific problems of the highest priority areas of medical science.

Activities of the Foreign Foreign Students Department:

  • Preparation of highly qualified medical specialists.
  • Scientific and practical activity.
  • Educational activity.
  • Innovation activity in the scientific, educational and medical areas are based on the knowledge of international experience.
  • Academic mobility of students and teachers.
  • Participation in international competitions for funding of international projects.

The implementation of these areas contributes to the rating ISMU in the international arena, integration into the global educational and scientific space.

Faculty organizes the research work, monitors the implementation of the plans of research departments, scientific training and implementation of research findings into practice in health care.
Staff and the students of the faculty attend every year scientific conferences at international, national and at regional level.
Faculty provides to foreign students all necessary conditions for learning and recreation. Under the leadership of Dean of foreign students hold festivals, competitions, exhibitions, take part in amateur performances.

International Partners of ISMU

United States

An important step in the development of ISMU was the cooperation with the pediatric faculty of The Health Sciences Center of the University of Oklahoma.

In August-September 2015, as part of cooperation plan on grant a delegation ISMU visited the University of Oklahoma. During the visit, business meetings with project participants from both sides were held to discuss the actions of the project and to establishing long-term partnerships between educational institutions.

Cooperation with Germany

Start of cooperation with Germany in the field of public health was initiated in 2007.

The main areas of cooperation are:

  • skills development for specialists in the field of HIV / AIDS;
  • skills development for specialists in the field of oncology;
  • skills development for specialists in the field of hepatitis B and C;
  • skills dvelopment for specialists in the field of tuberculosis;
  • skills development for specialists in the field of blood safety;
  • skills development for specialists in the field of quality control of diagnostic methods;
  • At present the main partners of ISMU in Germany is:
  • Koch-Mechnikov Forum, Berlin;
  • German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn.

Cooperation with France

In 1993 the President of the University of Paris VIII, Mr. Pierre Lunel signed an agreement for cooperation with the University in the field of Medical Law during his stay in Irkutsk. As part of this Agreement, four employees of ISMU had been trained in the specialty "Medical Law and Management in Health Care."

In the year 1997 the Agreement of Cooperation with the University of Joseph Fourier and Hospital University Center of Grenoble was signed. The contract with Grenoble Medical University was the first official document.

Currently ISMU cooperates with the following organizations in France:

  • Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble
  • Hospital Center in the region of Haute-Savoie, Annecy
  • Descartes University Paris V, Paris
  • Alliance Francaise-Irkutsk

Cooperation with China

In recent years, partnerships with China is developing actively.

The main partner of ISMU in China is Harbin Medical University. The Agreement of Cooperation with this institution was signed in July 15, 2010. Under the agreement, implemented the program of academic mobility of ISMU and HMU students.

The cooperation agreement was also signed with the Capital Medical University in Beijing, on the basis of which students of ISMU also have the opportunity to take summer internships.

In 2014 ISMU joined the Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities RCAMU that marked a new step in the development of relations with medical schools in China.

Currently in China ISMU partners are:

  • Harbin Medical University, Harbin
  • Beijing Children's Hospital, Beijing
  • Capital Medical University, Beijing
  • Dalian Medical Academy, Dalian
  • Dalian Orthopaedic Hospital, Dalian.
  • Cooperation with Korea

ISMU has a cooperation agreement with Gangneung-Wonju National University (North Korea).

Areas of Cooperation:

  • academic mobility of students and teachers;
  • cooperative scientific activities.

Cooperation with India

ISMU has a cooperation agreement with the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, (KIMN) located in the city of Trivandrum in India.

Areas of Cooperation:

  • academic mobility of students, interns, teachers;
  • postgraduate education;
  • research projects.

One of the forms of cooperation in 2013 is to improve the qualifications of teachers ISMU - the linguistic training in English.

Cooperation with Mongolia

Cooperation with Mongolia - historically the longest international partnership ISMU, which started in 1960.

Currently ISMU cooperates with the following organizations in Mongolia:

  • Mongolian State Medical University
  • Medical Research Institute of Mongolia of T.Shagdarsurena
  • Institute of Medicine "Ah"
  • Institute of Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Mongolia
  • National Center for Infectious Diseases Research
  • Association of Mongolian graduates ISMU
  • Clinical Maternity Hospital № 1
  • Central Republican Hospital
  • Mongolian Development Center
  • Pharmaceutical Institute "MONOS"

Preparatory Department:

Preparatory Department for Foreign Students was opened to stimulate international education and integration of foreign students into Russian education system. 

Duration :10 months
Preparatory department is designed for foreign students:
- students who want to study in Russian language
- students who do not have the necessary requirements for the undergraduate programs and also it helps to enable students to bridge the gap between school and university.

Key activities of Preparatory Department:

- Education

- Scientific methodology

- Organization

- Innovation

Education activity

- Pre-university training of foreign students

- Teaching foreign students Russian language as a foreign one

- Organization and carrying short-term courses for foreign students.

- Testing of Russian language as a foreign one

The following subjects are taught in the foundation course:

- Biology,

- Physics,

- Chemistry,

- Computer Studies,

- Mathematics.

Students who wish to study in English language do not require to complete preparatory department.