Living Expenses in Irkutsk

Irkutsk is a well-developed Russian city. It is located in Siberia on the river Angara. Irkutsk is considered to be a very old city; it was founded in the middle of the 17th century (1661). At present its population is 620 000, the sixth largest city of Siberia.
Nowadays due to a great number of students living and studying there (over 100,000) Irkutsk is widely known as a big student city and a cultural centre of Siberia.
If you want to go study at one of Irkutsk universities, you may be curious to know about mode of life in this city, its inhabitants, places of interest, cost of living, etc.
Irkutsk is a city of moderate prices, that is why it will not cost you much to live here.
We estimate it costs a minimum of $300 - $400 / month to cover living costs in Irkutsk.

Eating, Drinking and Dining: Your weekly grocery bill is likely to be around $40-80 per person (all prices are in USD). You can buy a fairly decent three-course meal out for about $20 per person. If you eat out at lunchtime during the week, you can get a three-course business lunch for around $5.
Evening Entertainment: A ticket to an English-language cinema costs $10, but you can see films in Russian for $5 or less. Theatre, opera and ballet tickets can cost as little as $3 but expect to pay $10 - $20 for decent seats. Entrance to museums and art galleries can cost anything from 50 cents to $10, depending on the place and what discounts you can get. Cover charges for nightclubs, if there is one, usually average at about $5 - $10.

Transport: A monthly metro pass costs between 250 roubles ($8) and 500 roubles ($16). Bus, tram and trolleybus tickets cost 10 - 50 cents (for one journey, irrespective of length).

Clothes: It is worth buying winter items (hat, scarf, big coat, fur-lined boots) here, as they are suited to the Russian climate.

If you want to make long-distance telephone calls you should use international phone cards that offer very good rates: a $20 card lasts almost 2 hours when calling Europe and America from Russia. Any calls you make within the city you are living in will be free of charge.